Apple’s March 8 event: guesses and more guesses making round

It is amazing to see the buzz created every time Apple announces the launch event. The next big event is scheduled for 8 AM PST (11.30 PM IST) on March 8. It will be an online event broadcasting from Apple Park. Anybody will be able to watch it from Apple’s website.

Guess what, the internet is already flooded with funny videos, wallpapers, and all kinds of guesses.

Grab some popcorn from this video for the event.

And in case, you are looking for the invites Apple has sent so far:

Everyone is free to guess, of course!

What to expect at Apple’s spring event

Apple Insider’s video is out with its expectations:

Apple has a large raft of rumored products set to launch throughout 2022. While some are expected to arrive later in the year, such as the usual fall “iPhone 14” refresh, there’s a collection of products that could appear at this earlier event. 
The main focus will probably be on the iPhone SE, with a third-generation device expected to pack 5G connectivity for the first time. Some rumors point to it consisting of a specifications bump while having the same design as the second-generation model, complete with a 4.7-inch display and Touch ID.

Writing about this event, Techcrunch mentions hardware devices:

The invite features an Apple logo that looks like the entrance of a neon tunnel. It says “Peek performance” and rumor has it that Apple has plenty of hardware devices to announce this year.

Here’s speculation that appeared in Indian Express based on the tagline ‘Peek Performance.’

The tagline is likely an indication we will see a 5G iPhone SE. The iPhone SE 2 (‘SE’ stands for “Special Edition”), which made its debut towards the beginning of the pandemic two years back, is a popular budget iPhone but overdue for an update. The strategy to resurrect an iPhone 8 and put the latest chipset inside has worked wonders for Apple in markets like India, where Cupertino has gained new users and increased its market share. It’s possible Apple will repeat the same formula this year with no redesign in tow but up the value by adding 5G and a better camera to further attract budget-conscious consumers, who always aspire to buy an iPhone in emerging markets.

Wallpapers that you may like to use:

Every time the iPhone is launched, a slew of memes are made on its cost part- this time they are surfacing before the launch.

How could we miss Shark Tank memes:

Stay tuned for the updates!


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