At Axetue, we are committed to building a strong community, engaging brands, developers, experts, and enthusiasts, offering a platform to collaborate and bring diverse perspectives on emerging technologies.

We cover diverse topics such as Tech Startups & Entrepreneurship, Creative & Design, Social Media, and Blockchain – basically everything and anything that is shaping the future and benefiting the community.

From a very humble beginning as early as 2010 with one-man team from a bedroom, we grew to be a collaborative platform with several contributors from across the world by 2012.

Our mission is to foster and promote emerging technologies for creating a better tomorrow.

Axetue Team

Our team is a collective of seasoned communication and marketing professionals, product designers, tech entrepreneurs, industry experts, and analysts, from various industries.

Sevashree Mohapatra, Chief Storyteller
A seasoned communication professional, who witnessed the growth of the internet since the beginning, Sevashree has been associated with leading publications and MNCs. Presently she is leading strategy, along with managing day-to-day operations at Axetue.

Sandeep Tripathy, Founder
A self-taught product designer who wanted to share his knowledge with the community and with this mission he founded Axetue back in 2010. Over the last decade, he has been building products and experiences for Fortune 500 companies, SMEs & startups across the world.


Shonal Rath
An Economics (Hons) student at the University of Delhi, this 21-year old girl, finance professional aspirant founded the Demystified Initiative. It is a purpose-led technology as an equalizer platform, raising awareness campaigns in less than three months.