Samsung S24 Ultra’s AI Ambitions and what this means?

So S24 Ultra (which looks very similar to the S23 Ultra) just got released. But take a closer look! While it might appear like a case of deja vu, the newest the S24 Ultra — packs some tricks up its sleeve you won’t find in its previous version. Especially when it comes to AI, an area Samsung is putting its pedal to the metal.

If you’d like to see the video version, there you go —

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Here’s the thing: Galaxy AI is the S24 Ultra’s crown jewel, promising features like real-time language translation. Imagine chatting with a Korean speaker in English, with your phone seamlessly whispering your words in their ear and vice versa. Sounds like a sci-fi movie, right?

But, before you book your tickets to Seoul, let’s hold our horses. Some questions linger: does this only work with two S24 Ultras/devices in hand, or can one phone play translator for users with non-S24 devices too? And considering Samsung’s Bixby’s occasional blunders with voice-to-text, how accurate will this translation magic be across a sea of accents and dialects? Remember, a “howdy partner” could become a “Howdy, I have a pet cactus” in the wrong translation rodeo.

But hey, let’s not rain on Samsung’s parade just yet. The S24 Ultra also boasts some other nifty AI-powered features: “circle to find” for image searches, text summarization for large amounts of texts, image generation using generative fill, and even AI-powered image editing. Basically, your phone becomes a one-stop shop for everything usingAI.

One thing’s clear: AI is no longer a “nice to have” in the smartphone world, it’s becoming a “must-have.” Google Pixels have their AI smarts, Samsung is flexing its AI muscles, and even the mighty iPhone might join the AI party. We’ve already seen some AI like features in the iPhone 15 already and Apple is rumored to be developing its own LLM (Large Language Model), so fingers crossed for some AI sorcery in the iPhone 16. And if it doesn’t, maybe the EU will even intervene and force Apple to open its doors to AI after a decade of walled-garden living.

So, is the S24 Ultra a revolutionary leap into the future of AI-powered phones? Not quite. It’s more of an exciting step in the right direction, with some promises that need proving and quirks that need ironing out. But hey, the journey of a thousand AI breakthroughs begins with a single phone, right? Let’s watch this AI space unfold and see what other tech giants bring to the table. After all, in the race for AI supremacy, the possibilities are as endless as our ever-evolving languages.

What do you think about all this?

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