Best FREE sites to watch Anime online in 2022

The following is a guest post by Abhijeet Sahu. He has listed the best free sites to watch Anime online in 2022. Kindly note the following list is indicative only and non-exhaustive.

Disclaimer: The access/usage of the following websites listed may or may not be legal in certain countries or territories, you are henceforth advised to check with your local laws accordingly.

Manga and Anime are one of Japan’s major entertainment and economic business. According to Statista, Manga constitutes a large market in Japan, worth almost 613 billion Japanese yen, and according to Wikipedia, in 2019, the Anime Industry was valued at $24 billion a year.

Manga is the name given to comics made in Japan, for those who don’t know. The animated version of this is called Anime. This brings you into a different world altogether with colorful characters, a fantastic storyline, badass heroes and villains, has varying genres, explicit content, amazing character development, and much more.

While growing up, every child has watched Anime like Pokemon, Doraemon, Dragon ball, etc. Obviously, that is not all. There are many more amazing Anime in this diverse anime world that you do not know. To explore and watch as many as possible, you need to know about the different sites to watch old and the latest Anime.

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If you are new to Anime, these are some of the sites to watch, and if you are already familiar and are looking for the best site, you have come to the right place.


1. AniMixPlay

This site is the best site of all and has a huge anime database as it uses anime archives of all the major sites I mentioned before and has all the latest Anime, both subbed and dubbed.
If you live in an area with low internet connectivity or your network doesn’t remain stable, you can simply download the Anime and watch it offline.

It has a censored and uncensored version of Anime, making the user experience friendly.
The site has a good search mechanism that can filter your search by the stream, sub/dub, genres, season, and year in which it came.

The server is very good with no lag, so you never need to worry about it if you have a good internet/wifi connection. It is available in most regions. You can download the AniMixPlay app from Playstore for Android and from Appstore for iOS.

2. 9anime

Like all the other anime sites, this site has almost all the Anime; if not more, it keeps up to date with new Anime. You can find Anime that is English dubbed and in Japanese with English subtitles while also having the explicit ones that can be mature for children in both censored and uncensored versions.

It has a search mechanism that can filter your search by genre, category, type, status, and language.

When you watch Anime, there will be many pop-up ads that can be stopped using a free adblocker. The server is excellent and also provides four streaming platforms. In case one doesn’t work, you can switch on to another. This site is available in most regions.

3. Gogoanime

This site has one of the largest anime databases, and it keeps up to date with the latest one. Moreover, it has both English and Japanese dubbed with English subtitles. Apart from that, it has only English subtitles with Anime that don’t have an English dubbed version.

Besides, you can download and then watch it offline if you are traveling to an area with low internet connectivity.

It also has both censored and uncensored versions of explicit Anime, so it can be used both by children and adults. You cannot filter your search, but you have a complete anime database from A to Z if you want to explore new Anime.

When you swatch Anime, apply a free adblocker, as it will block all the pop-up ads.
It has 5 to 8 working streaming platforms, and if you have good internet connectivity, you can watch Anime at high speed, and if one platform is bad, you can change the platform to see if it works well with your internet speed.

This site is one of the most common sites amongst newcomers and is available in most regions.

4. Kissanime

Similar to other sites, this site has one of the largest anime archives with both dubbed and subbed versions of Anime, and you can find all the new Anime airing right now.
It also has both a censored and uncensored version of explicit Anime.

You can filter your search by genre and status of the Anime, and also, if you know the name of the Anime, you can simply search it in the search bar.

When you watch Anime, there will be a lot of pop-up ads unless you buy their premium version. Also, these ads can not be stopped using adblocker.

The server is usually good, so you can watch Anime at high speed if you have a good internet connection.

This site is available in most regions.

5. AnimeFreak

This site has a huge anime database, and it keeps up with the latest Anime with its episode airing on the same day as it is aired on TV. It has both English subbed and dubbed Anime but has only uncensored Anime and does not have the censored Anime.

You have to navigate your search on this site. You can either search using the search bar or search by type, genre, or season. As soon as you search by either of them, you can filter your search using the filter option, which will provide you with a wide variety of choices that will help you watch your favorite type of Anime.

It has some clickbait ads when you pause the Anime when you are not watching in fullscreen. It also has some ads that keep coming on the bottom of your screen when you are not watching on fullscreen.

The server is usually good and provides the highest quality of Anime; and is available in most regions.



SitesAvailabilityAd PopSubbed & Dubbed AnimeAnime downloadAdvanced SearchAppRating
AniMixPlayAll the major regionsNo Adsyesyesyesyes10
9animeAll the major regionsCan be blocked by Ad BlockeryesnoYesno9.5
GogoanimeAll the major regionsCan be blocked by Ad BlockerYesYesNoNo9.5
KissanimeAll the major regionsCannot be blocked by Ad blocker (unless taking a subscription)YesNoYesNo9
AnimefreakAll the major regionsAdds cannot be blocked by Ad blockeryesnoyesNo8.5


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