Chrome extensions for Privacy & Security [Cheatsheet]

Here is a comprehensive list of 50 Chrome extensions for online privacy and security.

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  1. Privacy Badger: Blocks trackers based on behavior to protect your privacy. Link
  2. ExpressVPN: Premium VPN extension for secure browsing. Link
  3. Click&Clean: Cleans browsing history and data quickly. Link
  4. Malwarebytes Browser Guard: Protects against malware and scams. Link
  5. Ghostery: Blocks trackers and enhances privacy. Link
  6. uBlock Origin: Efficient ad and content blocker. Link
  7. IronVest (formerly Blur): Manages passwords and protects privacy. Link
  8. DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials: Provides private search and tracking protection. Link
  9. Reveals the full URL before you click. Link
  10. NoScript: Blocks potentially harmful scripts. Link
  11. Adblock Plus: Blocks intrusive ads for a better browsing experience. Link
  12. Disconnect: Prevents tracking by third-party cookies. Link
  13. SiteJabber: Provides reviews and ratings for online stores. Link
  14. uMatrix: Allows detailed control over web requests. Link
  15. LastPass: Secure password manager. Link
  16. Cookie AutoDelete: Automatically deletes cookies after tab closure. Link
  17. PixelBlock: Blocks email tracking pixels. Link
  18. NordVPN: VPN extension for secure and private browsing. Link
  19. Bitwarden: Open-source password manager. Link
  20. HTTPS Everywhere: Enforces secure HTTPS connections. Link
  21. Windscribe VPN: VPN and ad blocker. Link
  22. ZenMate VPN: VPN service for secure browsing. Link
  23. Privacy Cleaner: Clears browsing data and history. Link
  24. Avast Online Security: Protects against phishing and malware. Link
  25. Hotspot Shield VPN: VPN for secure internet access. Link
  26. Windscribe AdBlocker: Blocks ads and trackers. Link
  27. Private Internet Access: VPN for anonymous browsing. Link
  28. Surfshark VPN: Secure and fast VPN. Link
  29. TunnelBear VPN: Free VPN for secure browsing. Link
  30. Hola Free VPN: Free VPN for Chrome. Link

This list is getting updated, please check regularly for updates.


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