Apple iPhone 15: What’s New and You Should You Care

Recently, Apple unveiled its much-anticipated iPhone 15, and it’s safe to say that the internet’s opinion on it is pretty one-sided this time.

I made a quick video about it as well, and if you prefer to watch the video, here it is —

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But let’s delve into what’s new without any further ado and explore the most important question — Is it worth buying?

Overall, I believe there are 2 “BIG” changes that we get to see on this version.

1. USB-C — A Long-Awaited Change

The biggest change in the iPhone 15 lineup is the adoption of USB-C. While this may not surprise many, it was a necessary step, primarily driven by EU regulations. Android devices have had USB-C for over a decade, so Apple was bound to follow suit, especially considering its significant market share in the EU.

The EU’s influence on this shift is undeniable. It’s also worth noting that this change means saying goodbye to the lightning port, which was a profit generator for Apple.

2. Camera Innovations

Apart from the USB-C shift, the other notable changes come in the form of camera enhancements. These improvements are quite intriguing, with features like shooting log footage on the iPhone Pro or recording video directly to an external device like an SSD. These capabilities are typically found in cinema cameras, making it a notable leap for smartphone videography.

However, it’s important to mention that these advancements are probably just exclusive to the Pro models, not the standard iPhone models. So, consider this when weighing the cost and features.

I do have a bonus point to cover as well!

3. Apple’s Environmentally Conscious Efforts

Apple has been making strides in environmental sustainability, as we’ve seen in their skit which featured Mother Nature herself.

They’ve taken steps like making the Apple Watch carbon neutral and reducing the packaging size of their products. One significant move, which we’ve seen for quite a while now, was the removal of the charger brick from iPhone boxes, which benefits the environment as well as reduces Apple’s manufacturing costs. The question here is whether these manufacturing cost reductions will translate to lower market prices for the iPhone?

We’ve clearly not seen that yet.

It’s an interesting point to ponder.

Buy hey, kudos to Apple for caring about the environment.

Whether these changes make the iPhone 15 a worthy upgrade ultimately depends on your preferences and priorities. Not just Android users, but even die-hard Apple fans don’t find any of this exciting enough.

In the coming months we’ll get to see if this device becomes good enough to bring in some good revenue for Apple or may be starts a trends of major decline of innovation at the company.

Only time will tell.

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