Yat is trending. Here are 5 things you should know

Every now and then we hear some news that some weird symbols or art are being sold on a crazy amount. Every time we come across such news, we think probably that will stay for some time. When CryptoPunk was making all kinds of news and CryptoPunk #3100 was sold for $7.58M, many of us were dumbfounded. Then Justin Bieber spent nearly $1.8 million on two Bored Ape NFTs in the span of a week. 

For everyone who is a fan of NFTs, here’s big news that is making rounds. The latest in the NFT trend is Yats.  Here are five things that you must know about Yats:

1. Yat can be your unique online identity
Yat is combination of emojis turned into NFTs usernames that can be one’s universal Internet identity, website URL, payment address, etc. 

Emojis? Really? Have you ever taken emojis so seriously? Arent they supposed to be for fun? Didn’t are these emojis part of our messages embedded to show some emotions, reactions, etc. 

2. Well, emojis are serious business now.
Creator Yat Labs has raked in $20 million since launching last year, the Wall Street Journal said.  Its founder and CEO  is Naveen Jain, founder of digital marketing company Sparkart and angel investor. 

His URL is🦅 that mentions:

I dream in Emojis

Emojis are amazing. They are a universal language. Imagine using them to create a digital identity that you own and control.

The current list of emojis includes 452 emoji. These emojis will be visible on most of the phones – Android 9.0 Pie (2018) and iOS 13.1 (2019) devices and newer. They have Skin tone modifiers so that Yat owners will be able to choose the desired skin tone to be displayed for any emoji in their Yat

4. You can create your own Yat.
A Yat can be created by selecting a combination of emojis – the cost will depend on the emojis you select. For example, I have created the following set for $225.


To turn the Yat into an NFT, owners must first use Yat’s “visualizer tool” to create a short animation of the emoji string. The visualization is then tied to the Yat, itself, and can be minted as an NFT to be held or sold on OpenSea.

 5. Yat inspires people to own unique identity
Yes, you can create your own identity whether that’s to make payments, send messages, host a website or log in to a platform. Here’s an example of such an URL.


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