Top Organizer Apps for Android in 2013

While it is true that majority of the users do not need much apart from built in calendars in their smartphones, it is also a reality that these set of rules do not apply to busy professionals who require the same for effective management of their work. Below are listed top third party organizer apps that have been designed, especially keeping the needs of professionals in mind.

#1 Pocket Informant

Pocket Informant

The biggest advantage of this app is that you will not need to set it up. All one needs to do is to simply download the app and install it. The app will automatically update things from system’s account syncronization. All task management features are available and the app is all set to gain a considerable share of market in coming days.

#2 CalenGoo


The app might seem to be unimpressive in the first go, but you will realize its benefits eventually. All appointments and notes that you fix and make can be dragged and dropped with extreme ease and you can manage your schedule effectively.

#3 Touch Calendar

Touch Calendar

The app is available in a range of themes and has a unique zoom in and zoom out feature that allows one to check the agenda on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis. Professionals will find this app to be quite handy and can also innovate in terms of themes that they need to use.

#4 DigiCal


DigiCal is a much advanced version of Android Calendar that comes build in. An innovative feature of DigiCal is the integrated Google now feature that alerts one regarding appointments that are to be made or taken care of. Additionally, the app comes with integrated Google maps that ensures that one is able to reach the destination quick and easily enough.

#5 Jorte


For those who wonder if why an app like Jorte has made to the list, you need to remember that it has an cloud service of its own. The app is well designed and has multiple features that allows one to schedule tasks as per their requirements and preferences.

#6 Business Calendar

Business Calendar

Business Calender is another exciting organizer app that professionals will find of utmost use in 2013. The app incorporates and syncs all your calenders to make things easier for a busy professional to manage. The app comes with a drag and drop and zoom in feature to help one effectively manage tasks.

#7 Pure Grid Calendar widget

Pure Grid Calendar widget

It might be possible that as a professional one is working with several calendar apps at a given point. In such circumstances, one needs to have an organizer app that sorts out the tasks and events. This app does this with perfection and helps integrate third party calendar apps to help one ease the work pressure and manage things more professionally.

Organizer apps are getting better with each passing day and with technology upgrading almost on a daily basis, the future seems bright for everyone, be it the manufacturers or the users who like the past year stand to gain a lot from these organizer apps in 2013 too.

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