3 Pinterest Board Every Tech Lover Should Follow

If you’re a true tech lover, then you’re already more than aware what Pinterest is—the latest social media/bookmarking image site to hit the internet. While research shows that it’s a huge hit with young, college-aged consumers, its services can actually come in handy for a variety of people—especially someone like  a tech junkie.

To learn which Pinterest boards you should follow to make sure all of your cravings for tech and social media news is fulfilled   continue reading below.


Based out of San Francisco, CNET is one of the leading sites when it comes to tech reviews, news, gadget rumor mills, and tech tips and tricks. It also offers tons of free (and legal) software and antivirus downloads. While CNET’s website is fantastic, its Pinterest board is no exception. Divided into more than 15 different categories, some including “Designs and Prototypes,” “Exclusively Android,” and “Geeky DIY,” you’re more than likely to find something that sparks your interest.

2. The Future is Here

If you really want to take a peek into the future and get a first inside look into what innovative and cutting-edge gadgets and tools makers are developing and hoping to put on market soon, then follow Daniel Bear Hunley—a social media coordinator who’s managed to obtain more than 1,500,000 followers, making him one of the most highly followed board on Pinterest. Some of his pins include prototypes to portable mobility devices and bent desks. Hopefully he keeps adding to the 27 pins already featured on his board.

3. Tech Mama

Last but not least is Tech Mama. While its name suggests its main target audience is female, that’s not entirely true. There is ton of useful tech-related information for both sexes, including pins titled: “Adobe and NBC Release Mobile Apps for Olympics Live Streaming,” “Where Are Your Mobile Manners?” and “Microsoft Surface Tablet Hands-on: The Future of Windows is Here [Video].”

Of course these aren’t the only Pinterest tech boards available, but they are some of the best. Do a little bit more searching and you may just find (or create your own) board to fit your needs.


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