What is Secure Site Seal?

Lack of confidence in the identity of the website is the biggest loss for any e commerce website. Secure Site Seal is a big contributor to get such confidence. Secure Site Seal helps you to build up your customers’ confidence and takes the success graph of your e commerce website.

Having a Secure Site Seal to your website is an additional trust of your customer. SSL Secure Site Seal is a mark of security for your website. Secure Site Seal will show your customer that you have invested in SSL and your website is authenticated. The Secure Site Seal is an indicator of trust and security. Secure Site Seal converts your site visitors into customers.

Secure Site Seal is a way to provide Trust and Confidence to the visitors. The Secure Site Seal is not only gives visual confidence but boost in your reliability.

Features of Secure Site Seal:-

  • When your customer click on click on verify they can see your company profile.
  • You can very easily install Secure Site Seal to your website. Simply copy and paste canned HTML code into the location on the web page where you wish the Secure Site Seal to be displayed.
  • Selection of sizes and formats- static GIF or animated Flash.

The Secure Site Seal will seem on your web page exactly where you place it in your code. To determine which type of certificate you have on your site you will need to load your certificate, either through a browser or a command line utility and view the certificate information.

The Secure Site Seal ensures that all confidential transactions are protected with highly reliable SSL encryption. A Secure Site Seal provides to your visitor visible grounds that the Web site that displays it can be trusted.

About Abel Wike

Abel Wike is working with who offer EV SSL, Code Signing Certificate, UCC Certificate, Wildcard SSL & more certificates. ClickSSL provides security certificate to secure networks, electronic asset, avoid cybercrimes, make sure the privacy of your customers and build secure connection between browsers & servers. We are hereby, providing outstanding opportunity to start website reliability by offer various security solutions.

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