How to Protect Your Wireless Network

A lot of us are making use of a wireless internet network because of the portability, speed, mobility and effectiveness it offers, some of us also believe that it will be better compared to other forms of internet connection since it cannot be affected by walls or some other physical obstacles so we decide to use it. Even though these points are totally valid it is highly important that you realize that a wireless network is not perfect, like every other forms of internet connection it also has its weaknesses and by taking the right steps you will be able to get the best from it. This post will be giving you some tips to help you get the best from your wireless internet network.

  • Use Your Wireless Router as a Wired Router

If you’re someone who resolved to use a wireless internet connection because of the speed, flexibility and the reliability it offers and you’re always working on your computer near your wireless router or in your home it might be more effective if you try getting a cable to use your wireless internet. It is very difficult for hackers to hack a network they can’t discover and with the help of a cable, as with every form of wired internet access, nobody will be able to discover your wireless network, let alone hack it.

You should know that this is just a measure and it will significantly reduce the potential of your wireless network being hacked, however, if you prefer to have everything wireless there are some more tips below to help you make sure your network is more secure.

  • Turn on Your Router Security Settings

Every wireless network has a base and this is always the router and the server computer. I’m assuming you are the administrator and owner of the wireless network here, though. The best way to make sure you are more secure is by turning on the security features in your wireless router. Every router (both wired and wireless) has an option for you to turn on the default security settings and this meets up to the standard security settings to protect your wireless network from most hacking attempts. This will help you greatly but it is also important that you make sure you don’t rely on this alone.

You can easily enable the default settings of your router by visiting your router configuration page. You should read your wireless router manual for more info about this.

  • Make Effective Use of Encryption

With a lot of ongoing research, a lot of improvements based on hacking tests conducted by professional “ethical” hackers and a lot of bugs being fixed in the wireless system everyday new encryption technologies have been developed to help ensure you get the best from your wireless network. You have to stop focusing on the basic forms of wireless security and go with a more advanced form of encryption such as the WPA2 (depending on your router’s support for it). Encryption and security is very important and can go a great way to protect your network, always make effective use of it.

This is a guest post from Bamdel who writes about choosing a good mobile broadband internet connection.

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