Adobe Announces MAX: Creativity Conference

Adobe Announces MAX: Creativity Conference

Adobe, the name is not a unique or a new name for any person in the creative industry. Be it design or music or anything that requires creativity somewhere or the other Adobe is the name that comes up. This somewhere reminds me of a friend who once told me “ You just can’t survive by being a great photographer, you should also have great photoshopping abilities“. I don’t know how much sense does this sentence make but what I noticed is the power of various adobe tools that have become such a common part of the creative life of various people.

So how would it be to attend a place where you will get to know about all other people who love Adobe tools, have a common interest for creativity and have used it in many creative ways because lets face it no one can ever use all the tools in a perfect manner for any work. So that brings us to the fact that there are people who may be expert in some tools and may make the best use of it while the others may have their expertise in others.

Why Attends MAX

As Adobe says in its official announcement the conference would be mostly about industry professionals sharing their views and their techniques so if you are interested in learning, this becomes a great way.

Adobe Announces MAX: Creativity Conference

The main purpose and the way of interacting would be pretty much similar to as how many of the conferences happen which would be including keynote speeches, sessions and of course interaction with others from the same industry(in short building networks).

Some of the people you may get to interact with are Jessica Walsh, Jefferey Zeldman, Eric Johannson, Vasava, Kalssonwilker and Aron Draplin. as they are the main speakers.

Prices for the tickets to this conference starts at $1295 and you may consider registering here. Also please go ahead and read the details on the official website before you go ahead and sign up.

Bonus, if you attend MAX once your you get a one year pass to the Adobe creative cloud !

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