5 Ways To Get Ideas For Blogging

It’s quite easy for anyone to become a blogger. However, maintaining consistency continues to remain a difficult task for many beginners. People often complain about running out of ideas for writing which is why they stop ultimately resulting in the end of their blog.

As of now, I’ve interacted with enough people to understand the various forms of blogging including microblogging, niche blogging, and so on where particularly I’ve focussed on how they manage to get high-quality content which leads to growth in their audience.

Here are a few ways which I have figured out to get content ideas for your blog –

#1 Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a free service that helps you stay updated about the topics you want to follow. Such as if you have a blog about Apple products, you can set up alerts for keywords like ‘mac‘ or ‘iOS‘ and whenever anything new comes up in Google’s index it will send you an email alerting you about it.


This takes barely any time to set up and you could stay updated easily with announcements, rumors, or any other news about the keywords you specify.

#2 Feeds Subscription

This happens to be a traditional way of following updates but still works like a charm. You can use RSS Feeds to follow the updates from companies or other news sources to stay updated with their announcements. Almost all major companies have a newsroom or a blog website where they will also be sharing their updates using RSS feeds. You can utilize services like Feeder to subscribe and organize all the news you receive in one place.

#3 Local Events

Attending local events can be a major way to not just gather ideas for writing but also for getting to know like-minded people. This may be a major way to explore collaborations and partnerships as the more you get to know people the better are your chance at getting opportunities for growth.

#4 Attending Local Events

Webinars are another way of getting to know people while staying at home or the office. Try looking up webinars from groups on social media and getting to know people. Similar to attending local events this also provides a major source of opportunities as you get to meet people from all around the country/world.

#5 Polls or Surveys

Social media polls can also help you with getting to know what your audience is interested in learning about. If your social media handle has a good amount of followers, you can conduct a poll to know the topics of interest basis which you can generate content.

Similarly, you may also follow other polls and surveys related to your niche and try to gather information on what people are talking about. Browsing some forums or Quora may also give you ideas around the topics where people are looking for answers which can turn out to be a very good idea for a blog post.