How To Delete Your Instagram Account

Instagram, since its very beginning, has been one of the most popular apps for both iOS and Android. Its ease of use and the process of how it transforms images into professional-looking makes it an attraction for anyone having an interest in photography. Not just beginners, even major companies and brands have used this platform to communicate their message using photos.

However, its recent acquisition by Facebook followed by changes in terms and conditions has somehow created news for all the wrong reasons. Especially the part where it vaguely meant that Instagram could use the images uploaded to the service without users’ consent was widely criticized among its userbase especially professionals.

This has led to major accounts including Nat Geo to delete their account on the service, however, they have since made their return as well. If you are considering deleting your account, the process is quite simple.

If you prefer watching a video, explaining all the steps.


Login into your account at


instagram delete

Click on delete Account on the bottom-right of your screen displaying your profile details.


instagram delete1

Enter a reason and your password, then click delete your account

That’s all your Instagram account is now deleted.