How to Install Ubuntu along with Windows [2010 Guide]

How to Install Ubuntu along with Windows [2010 Guide]

This tutorial was published in 2010 and is no longer recommended to be followed. This has been archived.

A significant amount of people are interested in trying out Linux OS. Most experts have recommended Ubuntu for beginners due to its easy and familiar user interface. Installing it may be a hassle but with a new solution for Ubuntu called Wubi has made the process all the more simpler.

Install Ubuntu without Partitioning your Hard Disk

You can install Ubuntu without partitioning your hard disk by installing this simple software called Wubi. You can download it from the official Ubuntu website. It’s a tiny software (less than 3MB) and take a few seconds to install. The best part is it’s completely free.

  • Next place Wubi and the downloaded Ubuntu IOS in a folder (imp: both in same folder)
  • Start Wubi by doublclicking on it
  • Follow the step by step process

That’s all, Ubuntu is now installed on your computer as an application on Windows. Therefore you didn’t have to partition your HDD. You may now restart your PC to boot into Ubuntu.

This process makes it very easy for anyone, especially non technical users, to easily install and use Ubuntu.