Some Best Car Maker’s Mobile Apps

The number of consumers who are willing to buy almost anything on the internet is growing. There are people who are willing to buy things like cars online. While it is still true that many people want to touch a car, sit behind the steering wheel, and take a test drive before purchasing it; some people just want to order it online. There are many reasons for some consumers opting to buy a car online like the ability to customize cars as per their tastes and specifications. Some of the apps designed by automobile companies help consumers in buying their cars, while others just provide a lot of useful information regarding the company and its products. Some of the best mobile apps of car makers are:


iSales is the mobile app of Mercedes-Benz for iPhone and iPad. This app was developed with the aim of attracting more young customers to buy its products. The app acts a virtual showroom and gives complete information about all the products of Mercedes-Benz to its consumers. Information which is available through the app includes the latest technology on offer with its various models and accessories that are available for its cars. Consumers can also look at the various finance options available for purchasing its cars.

Audi Mobile Car Configurator

Audi mobile car configurator is an iPhone app that allows its consumers to configure their cars. Information regarding its products and dealerships is also available for download. The app has very good features and a neat design. Users of the app can configure their car and share it with other users of the app. They can also share their configuration through social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Users can also save their configuration in the form of a PDF and take a printout of it when visiting the car seller.

BMW Magazine App

BMW Magazine App is the online version of its magazine for iPad users. BMW magazine is the official newsletter of BMW to its consumers. This app provides all the information regarding the products of BMW. Users can also get a good multimedia experience above the printed version of the magazine through this app.

The app has lots of photos, videos, and sound files regarding the products of BMW. This app has another app called Mobile Car Configurator built inside it. Mobile Car Configurator helps the users to customize their cars. Users of this app can customize the car they are planning to buy through a wide range of options to select from like color, upholstery, wheel rims, etc.


MyChevrolet is an app available on App store for iPhone and iPad. This app gives all the information on all Chevrolet models released since 1990. Useful information available through this app includes owner manuals, dealer locations, service schedules, etc. Users can also watch videos related to Chevrolet cars in the app itself.

Many automobile manufacturers are taking note of the changing preferences of consumers and are developing apps which enable consumers to make purchases from their mobile phones itself. These mobile apps of automobile companies are presently used mostly by luxury car buyers.

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