3 iPhone Apps for Bloggers Productivity

When it comes to blogging, working smarter is one of the best options that guarantee good success. You can’t achieve the very best that you are aiming at if you don’t have the right system in place which can make it easier for you to do your tasks. iPhone is one of the top smartphones which is making waves these present times. And for this reason, everybody that have something to do that relates to the internet are now moving to the phone because of the cool features that it got. Bloggers too are not left behind in this, because they want to make their job easier and faster and that’s why I am writing this article to show you the top 3 iphone apps that you can use on your phone as a blogger better you.

1.WordPress for iPhone

This is the official wordpress application made for iphone users. It makes blogging an easy thing for everybody that makes blogging their passions. With this device in your hands, you don’t have to worry for not getting more time to be able to write while at your working place, in case you do blogging part time. You are always online with your website because everything is been made simple for you once this application is right in your handheld device.

There are many things you can do with the app, and some of them for example are:

  • Editing of post: You can edit posts on your website. Both published and draft posts can be edited with the help of this application.
  • Drafting of posts: If you have new ideas for the next articles you are going to write for the next days when you are not ready to write article, you can drop the points in your wordpress hosted website’s draft and treat it later when you are free to do that. Also, in case you want to approve guest posts submitted on your website by other bloggers, this application makes that possible.
  • Inserting of Images: What is the essence of an article without the right image? I think an article that is full of written words without images is not yet completed, and that’s why you need to have this app.
  • Approval of comments on the go without stress: Commenting is one of the motivating factors in blogging. If you get good comments on your blog posts, you will get more strength to continue to do more. But, what will happen when people drops comments on your site and you are unable to approve it within three days? That makes it hard for your blog community to grow because you are not encouraging them to have their say on your posts. That is why this app is imperative for you as a blogger to moderate comments on the fly.

2. Evernote

if you have been looking for ways to store your written ideas and future posts schedules, then you will find this app useful. I have been using it to store information concerning my coupon and discount blog over the years and it is working perfectly for me.

Apart from using it to store information, you can also use it to enter text which you can save on the evernote official cloud server for usage any other time you wants it. What makes this app better than others is its ability to sync your files and information on the fly without stress. What you only need to have is an internet connection on your phone, and this is very simple thing for iphone devices.

3. Twitterrific


Social networking site like twitter has proved to be one of the working ways to share contents to drive people to our blogs over the years. It is number two social website on the internet, second to facebook on the log. The site gets thousands of daily visitors and it is a great chance for you to use the opportunity to get people to your website by sharing your latest post links with your followers.

This was all what I though.Would like to know about what do you think about this?

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