Benefits and Disfavor of a High Speed Internet Connection

In case you are thinking on subscribing for a high speed internet connection, you need to examine if you really need a broadband internet connection, you must be able to differentiate between the benefits and the negative effects of broadband net access and the best way of doing so is listed below.

Benefits of High Speed Internet Connection


1.  The Speed is Extraordinary: The speed of the broadband is up to 100 times faster than dialup connection. You can download picture files and applications within seconds or minutes in lieu of hours and likewise, online casino gaming is only feasible when using a broadband net connection compared to the slow speed dial-up net access.

2. It Does Not Cause Disturbance (Interference): In Dialup Subscriber Link (DSL) net connection, you can use the one phone line for both voice/fax and net connection but for cable high speed internet connection, you are connected to the net through the cable network and that is final and there is no way why that will cause disturbance to radio signals caused by undesirable signals from other sources. For example, your phone line is not occupied while you are connected to the internet and with this you are sure of a lovely and fast internet high speed net access.

3.  It is Flexible: High speed internet connection can serve you at any point in time when compared to a DSL net connection which requires username and password each and every time you wish to connect to the net. You don’t need to dial any access code or number before getting the signal strength broadband instead.

4.  It is Highly Reliable: High Speed Internet access can be relied on at anytime because of its easily available service and has a lovely high speed net connection.

5.  Moderate Subscription Fee: High speed internet connection provides you limitless internet access and you won’t be charged based on the time spent browsing the net but the actual fixed amount of monthly subscription with full internet downloads speed.

6.  You Pay Less You Get More: You are guaranteed to get more than what you ever bargained for because it gives you high speed internet access and there is possibility that you can also get cheap phone services through Voice over internet Protocol (VoIP) technology.

Disfavor of High Speed Internet Connection

1.  High Money Consumption: You will discover that you’ll pay higher monthly subscription fee when you are using a high speed internet connection if you compare it with a dialup net access if you are not a kind of person that use much of the internet connection and downloading lots of files on the internet every time.

2.  Too Much Risk: High speed internet connection have a higher security risk than dialup connection because it comes with some additional functions that can enable others to hack your connection, and virus attack on the server etc. however, enabling your window firewall is necessary to help you protect your computer against such attack.


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